Quick sketch I haven’t drawn in a while. And I have so many projects to start on. I think my heads gonna explode haha. Anyways I cropped out the hair cuz I’m still not good at it but yeah my goal was just to get some features down to make it resemble the person which I feel like I could have done better. But as I get better I’ll try again :) 


Marilyn Monroe photographed by Bob Sandburg, 1952.
Mariah Carey Dreamlover
Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey | Dreamlover

"Dreamlover" became Carey’s seventh no. 1 single on the Billboards Hot 100 in 1993. 

(c) Columbia Records (1993) x



Practicing. :)

I think this is one time I did  not wake up happy. This year I have had more people disappoint me and pull away. And it sucks. I just hope everything turns around.

I think, I am in love with love.

Beautiful Creatures was an amazing movie. Filled with romance and deception. This movie shows the power and magnitude of love. I related so much to Ethan Wate. The way he loves Lena is exactly what how i envision my self loving someone. He not only declares his undying love for her but he also shows it through his actions time and time again. Of course that is until she decides to wipe his memory. I was at the edge of my bed already getting upset with the fact that he did not remember anything at the end, and that he was ready to just get up and leave without her. But once he made his friend stop the car because it all came back I was balling and extremely happy. 
I felt like the story was an old one even though it was set up in modern time, it had a very old feeling (which I loved). You fall in love with Ethan’s Character, from the very beginning. An aspiring writer and dreamer who wants to leave off to collage to make meaning of his life. I mean you cant hep but fall even more in love with him through out the rest of the movie as you see him time and time again showing just how much he is willing to go through to have Lena by his side.  Just extremely charming.
Lena on the other hand come of as very dark and misunderstood  I mean not everyone is born a “witch.” I fell in love with her character on first sight as well. I guess i have a thing for girls like her haha. You see her battle with all the emotions we all deal with and you cant help root for her. I mean you can just feel it that she is good inside. 
My favorite scene would have to be when they are arguing outside in front of that cow sign. It was just an intense scene, but you could still feel the love in tone of their voice. And it was just hot to see them both go at it for a bit then end up just making out all passionately. 
I guess in my little world I wish to have a romance like this its something i crave. I have to give it up to actors who can do this to me because its not easy to portray love and have me believe it. I definitely recommend this movie, and I am super glad i watched it. Definitely going on my favorites list.